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So. Much. Homestuck.

I just keep barfing these up.

Jade doesn't care what Dave says, she thinks his eyes are handsome. I think she's the only one he wouldn't argue the point with.

Have I mentioned I love these two?

I saw a pretty dress. Naturally, Kanaya needed to wear it.

Jade's having the time of her life right there, and Dave's like, "oh god, she even does the leg-twitchy thing." My bad as to why she's godtier and he isn't.

Just a Nep. I discovered the binary and spread brush tools with this one. 

I wanted this to be part of a larger piece of the Disciple listening to one of Signless' sermons, but my computer kept twitching out when I tried to make my canvas bigger. Ah well. I'm happy with it!

I love this ship. Mindfang and the Summoner pilot quite the seaworthy vessel.

Seadweller babies.

I pale!ship this OT4 like I have never shipped anything in my life. Heroes of Heart and Void <3

They're my beta!ship to end all beta!ships. 

My headcanon is that the Disciple is really petite, but even though she's tough-as-nails, kill-things-with-her-bare-hands tough, Signless will still pick her up like she's nothing, just to listen to her laugh.

First Ship kisses! One can never have too many of those.

Tav baby sketch. He's shirtless and grinning. That boy looks far too confident. Clearly I'm doin' it wrong.

Rose and Kanaya, inspired by this beautiful song by Dallas Hicks, the man behind "9 Lives, One Love" on the coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A album.

B3ST furriends! 

SolFefEri is the second OT3 I have ever shipped in any fandom. All of my feelings.

My other Daveship, mostly because I love their smart-alecky flirting. And TZ's licking everything.

Okay, here's the part where I talk a lot. Here's my headcanon Pre-scratch Disciple. She's got some of the same general traits as Nepeta, like being hella tiny but still an all-muscle fierce bitch, plus the obvious affinity for cats. She's had her nose and the midpoint of her upper lip tattooed to look more feline. But the similarities kind of end there. She doesn't roleplay, and the cat puns only slip out when she's extremely agitated. None of her friends have yet gotten close enough to know that she purrs when her hair's ruffled. She's got no regard for people's quadrant woes, doesn't give a squeakbeast's ass who's flushed or black or pale for who, and isn't out trying to fill her own in any way. She's had enough of hearing about the quadrants as it is, what with pre-scratch Darkleer as her softspoken, worrywart, much-too-preoccupied-with-feelings moirail. Most of the time she doesn't even know why she puts up with him, but for some reason, he's just wedged so far into her life he's her most constant of constants, and she'd never entertain the thought of dumping him. She's extremely argumentative and never backs down from a fight, no matter how outmatched she may seem--and is usually the reason said fights start to begin with, if Darkleer doesn't get to her first to talk her down. But she never invests herself too much into any one altercation for anything resembling caliginous to develop with anyone--she's only in it for the thrill of swinging at someone and having to avoid their taking swings at her. Most of the tussles she gets into end up with both parties' arms slung around each others' shoulders, laughing it off afterward. Unless she's hunting, that is. It's also probably obvious that she's got a quick temper, but when it flares it's usually because she's perceived that wrong has been done to herself or one of her friends. She's got an excellent memory and is loyal as fuck, and respects people who are willing to go toe-to-toe with her or don't shy away from her brashness. She argues a LOT with pre-scratch Signless, and he's probably as close to her as anyone can get, really, save Darkleer. When they're not arguing, she'll listen to him talk about the vivid, better world in his dreams. When he's done she'll take off for her hive and paint the stories in her notebooks. She's really very good at it, and represents everything he says so precisely that the pictures almost read as clearly as his words. Signless has no idea she's been chronicling his dreams like that, and she's never shown her paintings to him. He's got a raging flush-crush on her, too, but hell if she knows. She's completely oblivious to his waxing agonizingly red for her. That's my headcanon and I'm stickin' to it.

Last one, based on a scene from the end of the fic "Make Them Pay" by vexatiousJabberer on AO3. All of my sadness.

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