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Due to my massive preoccupation with Rogue and Gambit, the fact that I ship Chamber and Jubilee with the passion of a thousand suns tends to get swept under the rug. But I love them. And I've doodled them so much this month XD You're only getting the ones I deem fit for human consumption. There's also a schmoopy-cuddles drawing of Scott & Jean, and Logan leading a line of kittens like some kind of mama duck. RP does funny things to my brain and my drawin' hand. :)

#1 - Jono

“This belongs to you,” she said from the doorway, his leather jacket dangling from her hand like something delicate, like she needed to keep as much of it from touching her as possible if he was going to get it back still in one piece. Balanced on one leg and braced on the doorjamb, she scratched awkwardly at the back of her calf with her pink-sneakered foot, and Jono noted the concerted effort she was making to look at everything in the room except his eyes.

“Thanks,” he said, watching Jubilee hover where she was, and a twinge of regret twisted where his stomach should’ve b—where it was again, now. She felt unwanted. She could barely bring herself to step over the threshold. She radiated with it. He felt it in his head and crawling on his skin.

She draped the well-worn coat over the edge of his bed and turned to go, hastily turning her face away when she noticed him reading her eyes. “Sorry if it smells like me,” she said. The rush of words tumbled out of her faster than usual. “Not really sure how to wash a leather jacket.”

“Don’t worry about it.” This time he was the one to look away; he couldn’t much say he minded the thought of wearing her faint scent on his clothes. The sight of Jubilee in his borrowed coat the other night had lived up to the image in his mind, and it hadn’t been the first time he’d imagined getting it back with traces of her left behind.

She glanced at him again, hesitated like she wanted to say something, he could almost see it on her lips, and dipped into the hallway. And Jonothon Starsmore should’ve told her not to go.

#2 - Jubilee

She should’ve just hung it on his doorknob and left it at that.

For the second time he’s seen her since M-Day, the second in two days, it was quite a bit more awkward than the first time, and Jubilee seriously wished she’d had the presence of mind the night before to have given his jacket back then.

But the alcohol had been there and his face so familiar and his mouth—his mouth

She was an idiot. A huge, massive, superbly pathetic idiot.

Jono’s eyes felt oppressive on her face. She couldn’t quite work up the courage to meet them.

She should’ve apologized for running off with his coat so long ago, when she’d left. She should’ve just held onto it for good, and never let on that she was the one who’d ended up with the thing at the time. She should’ve just given it back to him last night, instead of falling asleep in it.

“This belongs to you,” she said. The rush of heat and memory stole through her brain and took whatever else she’d meant to say.

He mumbled a thank-you. She wasn’t sure where else to go from there. So Jubilee slipped into the room just far enough to return the leather jacket and be done with it. Jono stared at her as avidly as she tried to avoid it, and wondered how in the space of nine hours she’d gone from relishing those eyes on her to hiding from them.

“Sorry if it smells like me,” she said, shoving her hands into the pockets of her hoodie. She’d worn his coat often enough, in the months between them. She’d never tell. “Not really sure how to wash a leather jacket.”

“Don’t worry about it.” And just like that Jono broke the stare and she’d been dismissed, and as soon as Jubilee couldn’t feel his gaze anymore she was embarrassed for wanting it back.

Easy for him to say. She looked back once, found nothing she could read in that grey face, and darted back outside.


Some cute. Because I can.

Here's another version of the same, colored by my GLORIOUS RP PARTNER WHO HAPPENS TO BE PLAYING JONO OPPOSITE MY JUJUBEES~

Jubes just bein' cute.

Aaaaaand Jubes getting cuddly and making Jonoface veeeery uncomfortable...

Scooter and Jeanniepoof being cute, for a couple of my RP pals.

Logan playing mama duck to some kittens, and grousing about it.

Tabby and Warren, for a couple of my other RP buddies.

And lastly, an extremely goofy, purely-RP universe doodle of Warren being perplexed by his retriever's penchant for ROLLING IN ALL THE THINGS!!!1!!


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Oct. 15th, 2011 11:42 am (UTC)
These are adorable. :)
Oct. 16th, 2011 06:44 am (UTC)
<3 Thank you, baybee! I miss your face.
Oct. 15th, 2011 03:22 pm (UTC)
Too early for words, so have a general feeling of love instead.
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