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I have been a busy doodlebug, between the the shippy RoGambit from the summer and nine Christmas drawings and the Jonobees things I've done for my roleplay since December. SO MANY IMAGES LORD HELP YOU POOR SOULS.

And this artdump doesn't even have the smattering of suggestive drawings I've done since the summer. Those go in another artdump to protect those with virgin eyes.

Laura and Jubilee, bein' the best of bros. Kinda.

Gambit and Jubilee, bein' the best of bros. Fo realz.

A fuzzy photo of Quicksilver because my scanner was being a dink.\

A fuzzy photo of Rogue and Gambit being sweet because my scanner was being a dink.

Rogue again, upset at her apparent inability to help someone who direly needs it.

Rogue and Gambit again, the I-can't-draw-trenchcoats edition.

Half-transformed Wolfsbane, contemplating her relative obscurity as a character and possibly relieved she seems to have escaped the Furry community's insatiable quest for characters they can fap to.

A bitsy angsty, bloodied Rogue and Gambit that was the product of my fist go-round with Paint Tool SAI

Yet another Rogue and Gambit featuring an awkward cannot-decide-if-want face courtesy of Miss Anna Marie.

And still more Rogue and Gambit, looking considerably better this time around because I actually reffed and spent TIME on it--I just wish I hadn't drawn it so SMALL ;A;

Dani Moonstar and Wolfsbane bein' the best of bros, drawn during the short time I played Dani.

Gambit 'cause he's sexy an' he knows it~

Gambit and Wolfsbane, bein' the best of bros.

Shippy Gambit and Quicksilver because I love my boys who play them.

Skeptical Wolfsbane and Angel who insisted on taking her for a ride

NOW THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT ART DUMP! In varying degrees of rushed-ness and stiffness 'cause I was experimenting with the best way to line things in SAI.

Jubilee lovin' on her Wolvie, like I love on his player ooc :3 

Cannonball and Magma being cute as cute can be. And also, in Sam's case, slightly derpy.

Teatime with Storm and Professor Xavier.

Colossus and Tony Stark, collectively referred to as the Iron Men.

Some more Gambit and Quicksilver, fueling the good RP ship Rietro.

X-23 and Iceman, fueling the good RP ship Lobby.

Jean Grey and her baby Rachel Summers <3

Boom Boom and Angel and their pet retriever Ollie who rolls in all the things, fueling the good RP ship AngelBoom.

And last of the Christmas giftart, Havok and Cyclops, bein' the best of blood-related bros.

SO NOW HERE'S EVERYTHING ELSE I'VE DRAWN SINCE CHRISTMAS, most of which in some way features Jubilee. Because I play her and she is my favorite girl.

Speak of the devil, Jubilee and Chamber, post-M-Day, as an illustration for this magnificent fic: Tie Me Down

Jubilee and Chamber again, also an illustration of a scene from Tie Me Down.

A present for a friend I affectionately refer to as Alpha!Jubes, as she's played vampire!Jubilee on Tumblr (in an alternate universe from the circle I play mutant!Jubes in) long before I started to.

Another present drawing for Alpha!Jubes and our magnificent friend who plays the vampire Xarus who turned my Asian baby to the bloodsucking side in Marvel canon. Who somehow, inexplicably, managed to make me ship this.

A pseudo-sorta-close-but-no-cigar-almost-steampunk Cannonball for my friend who plays him, and whom I was going to sketch a jetpack onto but got lazy.

Thor and Loki. As My Little Ponies. Judge not lest you be judged.

Also a Captain America pony. I see you. Judging me anyway. What did I just say about judging people?

And lastly, FINALLY, the drawing of Jubilee I did during the Super Bowl. Because clearly all the cool kids draw bitsy X-Men during major sporting events. I have no idea why my lineart came out so pixely. It vexes me so.

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